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Embedded Systems Firmware Developer
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About us

Making robots work smart.

The company Airnamics was founded in 2011. Starting out in developing advanced drone solutions, we became the pioneers in autonomous systems. Through our growth and development we are certain more than ever, that our future will be profoundly digitally driven. With our expert development team we are able to provide new and meaningful applications for our partners, who are well aware that the transition into Industry 4.0 is not an easy task. Robotics will be the key definer of our everyday wherever we go – from factory work to health clinics. 

In 2017, our in-house developed simulation platform has attracted the attention of Kolektor Ventures. They have made their investment into our people and bold vision that is leading us forward. Since then we are a part of Kolektor Digital, a business incubator for startup teams, inventing new products and solutions for the next industrial revolution. 

AI powered robotics systems is the wave of the future. Join us on the ride!