Matlab & Simulink Developer

Job description

Do you want to help design, develop, and build state-of-the-art control algorithms for autonomous robots? Do you want to help create new products and services used globally, while thinking outside the box and create awesome innovative control solutions and sensor systems? 

We are looking for a MATLAB&SIMULINK Developer with a knack for creating and developing state-of-the-art algorithms that will fuel our global robotics and automation workforce. The more experience you have, the better, but the main elements we are looking for is hunger to learn, unstoppable desire to create, and a "work hard, play hard" mentality.

Airnamics is a young development company at the bleeding edge of autonomous robotic systems for Industry 4.0. We are an interdisciplinary and multinational team of experts working on cutting edge simulation technologies, AI, mechatronic systems, embedded systems, visual perception, mechanical engineering, autonomous control algorithms, and software development. So, no worries, you won’t be bored and will definitely get to broaden your technical horizons. Our offices are located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, near Dolgi most.

The projects you will be working on range from PoC, Pilot, MVP, up to the product industrialization phase. You name it, we got it. First-principles thinking and the ability to quickly experiment, iterate, and continuously push the boundaries of what is possible is crucial if you want to thrive in our team. 

You will be responsible for:

  • defining high-level requirements in cooperation with the project lead and other project teams,
  • high-level project management of control algorithms team and communication with other teams on dependent deliverables,
  • designing high-level system architecture that will assure compliance with performance, efficiency, and robustness criteria,
  • implementing state of the art algorithms in sensor fusion, localization and mapping, navigation and path planning, trajectory optimization, model-based predictive control, visual navigation, object manipulation, etc.,
  • designing, building, and maintaining efficient, reusable, and reliable code,
  • code verification and validation, defining and implementing test requirements, implementing CI/CD,
  • continuously optimizing design and development processes to identify and eliminate bottlenecks.

Job requirements

You should be well versed or familiar in/with:

  • model based design approach for development of complex robotic systems,
  • Matlab and Simulink development and deployment of control algorithms on embedded RT computers (Simulink RT),
  • creating high fidelity plant and environment simulation model and feeding back real life prototype testing data into the simulation model (closing the loop) to increase the accuracy and fidelity of your simulation,
  • debugging in Matlab and Simulink environments, on target debugging during prototype testing with Simulink RT,
  • network protocols (TCP, UDP, Ethernet/IP),
  • have a basic understanding about ROS and how to deploy ML/SL code as ROS node or establish communication between ML/SL code and ROS,
  • effective documentation development and requirements traceability.

You should also be in pursuit of:

  • looking forward to working in a multidisciplinary team with short development cycles (agile methodology),
  • working hands-on on new features, functionalities, and overall development of cutting edge products and services,
  • organizing project workflows, optimizing time use, communicating with other departments and outside development partners,
  • wanting to make your ideas a reality, try new things, mess up, see what sticks, and carry on with the best solution,
  • are not intimidated by a blank page, but instead are motivated to fill it with your best idea(s),
  • critical and objective outlook, motivated by coming up with the best possible solution for the problem at hand,
  • wanting to get to know various technologies and are overall interested in developments on a broader level (robotics, electronics, programming, etc.),
  • having an ambition to be part of something bigger. You’ll be joining a team, where what we do is not just a job, but a mission to have a positive global impact.

What’s in it for you:

  • working on cutting edge solutions and technologies. We want to try out everything that is technologically available out there, either in the field you’ll be working on or all the areas around it. You’ll have the opportunity to learn, test what we can use for our development, and have fun while doing it,
  • we pay special attention to help develop our team members' business, technical, and team competences. Whatever area you want to develop and grow, we are right on board helping you go there,
  • competitive salary, from 3000 EUR gross onwards, depending on experience and skills,
  • office full of great team members, robots, snacks, and coffee,
  • remote work and flexible working hours when you need it. Our regular ‘all-hands-on-deck’ hours are between 10.00 and 15.00. The hours around that are up to your sleep and life schedule.

Note: The Corona epidemic stopped or prolonged many processes to procure work permits in Slovenia. Hence, we cannot guarantee a work permit for candidates from countries outside EU and the Balkans in a reasonable amount of time. We happily receive all applicants, but at this time, have to give priority to candidates from the EU and/or the Balkan. *hope things go back to normal fast*