Unity Developer

Job description

We are looking for a Unity Developer with experience in making 3D games or other 3D projects (simulations/visualizations). This is one of the more important areas in our team’s development efforts, which are focused on the field of industrial robotics, spanning from advanced control algorithms, embedded systems, as well as software and hardware development.

We offer you a top-notch development environment with global technology challenges, so you will not be bored. You will be working with cutting-edge technologies and the development of state-of-the-art robotic systems. No person can be just one thing, so we pay special attention to help develop our team members' business, technical and team competences. In that sense, we are also flexible in the possibility of remote work, when you need it. Since we are developing solutions that have the potential to develop into spin-off projects, we also offer the option of equity participation. It's the people who make the team that makes great stuff, after all. Our offices are located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, near Dolgi most.

Job requirements

Join us if you have:

  • Good experience with Unity and C#
  • Have good 3D math knowledge (Linear algebra)
  • Good in manipulating physics (Physx)
  • Have basic Computer Science knowledge (Algorithms & data structures)
  • Basic understanding of Unity pipeline (Update loop, render pipeline..)

You get extra points for:

  • Using Git
  • Have knowledge of writing optimized code
  • Not afraid of writing shaders
  • Writing reusable code (software design patterns)


We are a young, driven and ambitious team, developing cutting edge solutions in the field of robotics, AI and simulation technologies. We are on our way to take on the 4th industrial revolution and we know it's going to be one hell of a ride. To do that we'll need some extra forces in our team.